• Fisherman's Wharf Frozen Foods

    Fisherman’s Wharf Frozen Foods

    Branding | Print Design | Packaging Design

  • Aquila International Trade

    Aquila International Trade

    Website Design

  • Steph Sloan Interior

    Steph Sloan Interior

    Branding | Website Design | Corporate Identity | Print Design

  • Penang Delight Cafe

    Penang Delight Cafe

    Branding | Website Design | Print Design | Social Media

  • Asian Family Foods

    Asian Family Specialty Foods

    Website Design

  • Daniele Berardi - Markup Artist

    Daniele Berardi – Makeup Artist

    Website Design | Print Design

  • Vivid Color Therapy Spa

    Vivid Color Therapy Spa

    Branding | Website Design | Print Design

  • Ivy Thompson - Musician

    Ivy Thompson – Musician

    Branding | Corporate Identity

  • FanCee Art Paper Co.

    FanCee Art Paper Co.

    Branding | Corporate Identity

  • AIM @ BCIT

    AIM @ BCIT

    Branding | Website Design | Print Design


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Alex is a creative problem solver who carefully combines aesthetics and marketing ideas, resulting in well formulated solutions.

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